Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

Music Speed Changer permits you to change the speed of audio files on your machine in real-time without affecting the pitch (time stretch) or changing the angle without altering the speed (pitch shift). Alternatively, speed and pitch may be adjusted together with a single control. The app is also a music looper – you can slow down song speed and loop sections of the music for easy practice.

Music Speed Changer is significant for troubadours rehearsing an appliance needing to slow down the tempo or practice in a different tuning, speeding up audio books for faster listening, making nightcore, or just rocking out to your favorite song.


What does it do?

What does it do?

With the mobile app, you can easily change the speed of the audio files on your devices without affecting the pitch, and vice versa. The built-in audio settings will make the app a lot more useful for working with music, audiobooks, audio effects, and many other files. You can easily slow down songs to listen to the lyrics, make the audiobooks faster to quickly finish them, or unlock the useful settings to make your specific audio files more interesting.

Additional Information:

 App NameMusic Speed Changer
 PublisherSingle Minded Productions
GenreMusic & Audio
Latest Version10.5.6
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Get it OnGoogle Play Store

Features of Music Speed Changer MOD APK:

Simplify The Playlist

Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

Users no longer feel annoyed when there is a problem during music playback when we have updated with new features. With this feature, you can easily play and switch songs in your playlist without any problems because the device playlist will aggregate all the playlists listed on the toolbar. The application will synthesize all and create a complete playlist, and you do not need to worry about interrupting music anymore.

Eleven Change & Time

Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

Maybe Music Speed Changer app is indispensable for those who study music or are passionate about it; it will help you during their workout. Users can convert both the pitch and time for the music or sound they are using. From a song with terrible highs, you can lower the intervals to the lower chords and vice versa as you go from low to high. Similar to the time adjustment, users are allowed to extend the playing time of songs to a maximum time of 500% compared to the old one.

Music Roung Process

Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

It’s easy to change the playback of a song or sound with Music Speed ​​Changer. You will correct the problems of that song. Users can change both speed and pitch at the same time, and it does not affect your music playback. And yet, for the songs you are using to practice or have a strong love for, you can use the music looper and have it playback without end.

Play Music By List

Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

In this app, you can change the playlist’s name; it’s easy when you search for your familiar songs. Thanks to it, users can open any audio file that they have known before. The app also has a playlist playback feature, which means you’ll sort the playlist by your favorite songs and have it play in turn according to a predefined rule.

Change the audio rates

Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

At the same time, the available audio rate adjustment in Music Speed Changer will allow Android users to work with the pitch and tempo of your audio file altogether. As a result, you can make uses of its features to create unique playback experiences. This makes the app extremely great for creating Nightcore or fast music mixes.

Work well with all audio file formats

Music Speed Changer MOD APK 10.5.6 (Unlocked)

The app is compatible with all current audio file formats, as the creators themselves have claimed that you can email them if there are any unknown files that the app can’t support. Hence, you shouldn’t have any problems opening up your regular audio files or even strange ones.

Final Thoughts:

The professional Music Editor app, Android users can make uses of many useful settings in Music Speed Changer to improve the playback experiences for any available audio files. Feel free to use the app to change the playback speed, enable certain effects, and also to manage your audio files. All of which should allow Android users to be completely satisfied with their choice of application.

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