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King of Avalon Game Guide

The people who want to conquer a kingdom and at the same time want to show their game-playing strategy, then be ready because King Of Avalon Mod Apk free 2022 brings so much for you. This app kings of avalon is a multiplayer war game where the whole kingdom has messed up after King Arthur’s nephew’s betrayal. And that’s how the king falls in battle. In king of avalon mod apk unlimited everything, you will play as a king who will own a little kingdom who will have his army, but due to some betrayal and weighty reasons, he has fallen into a mess, and now he has to quests to play to save his little kingdom. Also, in this game app king of avalor, you will get a chance to hunt a dragon.

kings of Avalon Mod Apk Overview:

If we overview this game app king of avalon strategy, then, to be honest, this is the game king of avalon hack where you can show your multiple skills such as you will become a leader of an empire, you will own a kingdom, you will hunt a dragon mod apk, and so many more things you can do in this game. Also, in this game king of avalon hack apk, you will play with strategies if you want to do good in this game King Of Avalon Mod Apk. Also, this game is for teenagers to youngsters everyone can play. This game king of avalon hack tool has the quality that it can entertain everyone, so there are no age limits.

kings of Avalon Mod Apk Overview:

What’s new in kings of Avalon Apk?

The current version of this game king of avalon download has set a record in a comparison of other versions. There’s something in this game Netboom Mod Apk that’s why it has reached another level of success and popularity. They have added more exciting stuff in the current version, and shockingly this game king of avalon online, has currently played by around 5 million people. That’s a good quantity. Seems that this has made a mark on the history of fun and will do more in the future.

What's new in kings of Avalon Apk?

King of Avalon Mod Apk App requirement:

The requirement of this game app king of avalon stronghold requirements is the same as other applications or games. The size of this game app is 10MB that requires around 5.0 or up on your devices. So go and get king of avalon apk download free from

Mod features of this game:

Unlimited food:

Unlimited food:

In this capcut mod apk game, if you want to survive, you must have a good quantity of troops, and to survive of troops, you will need food in this game, and fortunately, you will have unlimited food available in this game. You can feed your troops more hundred times whenever you want to provide them as you have food in total quantity.

Unlimited silver, wood, and iron:

Also, To keep yourself and your troops alive, you will need silver, iron, and wood, and all these mentioned things are also available in an unlimited quantity. You can use any of these total times in these games. Also, now it makes sense that you can upgrade the quantity of troops as many you can.

Unlimited gold:

 Unlimited gold:

This feature of the king of avalon free gold is the best thing in every hack version of applications that they always provide unlimited gold, money, and coins, so players don’t hesitate to play games and buy stuff in the game if they don’t have to pay to unlock things and things in the game.

Free of cost:

 Free of cost:

The features you read above and the features you will read now, along with the game application, won’t cost you a single penny. Everything, including the game app king of avalon excalibur war, is completely free of cost and available for everyone for free around the world. So, buy king of avalon resources without any payment for free if you download it from here and get unlimited all features for free.

Other features of King of Avalon Mod Apk:

Spy in your opponents:

In this game avalon mod, you can also send a spy towards your enemies to know what they are up to so you can plan strategist and tricks accordingly. Opponents won’t know that the person who is spying on them is the person you sent to them.

Build a foundation that belongs to your empire:

In this game king of avalon apk mod, you can also build a foundation that will belong to your empire. That will work for your empire and help other people in their lives as you are the king of the kingdom, and these people are your responsibility to provide them a better life.

Dragons as a weapon:

Dragons as a weapon:

Yes, you heard it right you will hunt dragons in this game king of avalon attacking to hunt down humans from earth. So you will have to chase them to save your kingdom. Else they will hunt down a human mass as they love this to feed themselves. Also, there will be a dragon who will help you with your purpose and help you fight with your opponents, and save your kingdom.

Upgrade the abilities of your dragons:

To know about king of avalon upgrade requirements, you can also upgrade the abilities of your dragons mod apk latest version so that they will become more powerful fighters that will help you fight against your enemies who want to spread mess and the cause of chaos and wants to destruct your kingdom.

App version history:

To enjoy the fullest, you must keep the newest version of this game king of avalon mods that is v12.3.0, and it requires around 5.0 or up on your devices.

King of Avalon Mod Apk Gameplay:

The gameplay of king of avalon conquest stone is all about fighting, saving the kingdom, protecting the empire and the people of your domain. It all will start when your nephew in the game betrays you, and it will create chaos, and it will lead you to a big fight where you have to build an army to protect your kingdom and empire, and for the same purpose, you will have dragons too in this game king of avalon dragon skills. That will help you fight with your enemies and opponents, and also, you will be able to send spies towards your enemies without letting them know.

King of Avalon Mod Apk Gameplay:

Mostly asked questions:

No, you won’t go through any viruses while playing this game.

You will experience high-end sounds and pictures in this game.

Yes, it does support android devices.

Around more than 5 million this game has to get downloaded till now.

No need to worry about power as we are providing you unlimited power and everything in this mod version.


This game king of avalon apk hack is a complete package of strategies, tricks, thrillers, action, and fun at the same time. king of Avalon mod apk 2020 will match your expectations.

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