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Instander is one of the most advanced Instagram Mods available on the internet. These days we came to see so many modified versions of Instagram online like Gb Instagram, and Yo Instagram. But among these there is Instander App that stands out in terms of features, UI/UX and privacy. I personally have tried so many insta mods. I must say that Instander apk latest version has to be my favourite.

Instagram has emerged as one of the most used social media apps where you can post pictures, videos and share your experience. However, being one of the incredible apps it still lacks certain features that are really important. For example, you cannot download Photos or videos directly. You need to install a 3rd party app which is quite a hectic task. Also, these apps are loaded with ads which is a major turn-off. 

We bring you an incredible app that makes you fall in love with its features. Instander app lets you hide your presence on other stories too. So now you can stalk anyone without any embarrassment. Instander is an alternative of Instagram’s official app that is loaded with so many helpful features. Also, Instander has Antiban properties so now you need not to worry about banning your Instagram Id.


Specs of Instander Apk

App NameInstander Apk
Size50.8 Mb
Latest Versionv16
Mod FeaturesFor Android
Android Version4.1+
Get it onApkswing
Update15 September, 2022

Download Instander APK Latest Version for Android

We have brought you the Instander Apk latest version 16 on our website. So you can download moded Instagram that is completely bug-free. As Instander apk is a modded version of Instagram, it do not satisfy Google Play policy so you have to download it through browser and you are already at the right website to download instander. Clik on the link given below to download Instander app and enjoy an incredible instagram experience.

Difference between Clone & Unclone Instagram:

There are two packages out of which you can install whichever suits you. This gives the users a choice that is great

  • Clone Instagram is a stand-alone app. So if you want to install this app you do not need to uninstall the original Instagram app. This is a great option if you don’t have a memory problem and want to keep the original Instagram along with the Instander apk.
  • Unclone Instagram has the same logo as that of Instagram but you need to uninstall the official instagram to install the unclone version.

Distinctive Features of Instander Apk

Now we will discuss the instander apk latest version features that make it a better alternative to Instagram. Instander app is fully packed with premium features. Now we will find out the exclusive features of Instander apk latest versions. So that you can decide whether is app worth it or not. So without wasting any time let’s start.

Download Pictures, Videos or Reels:

Instander apk, Instagram mod apk, Yo instagram

Instagram has become one of the major sources of entertainment as well as business across the world. People are making the content of all types. Unlike Facebook, Instagram do not allows users to download photos. If you want to save picture or video you need to screenshot or screen record it. This is such a hectic thing to do. Although Instagram provides us in app save feature where you can keep the items bookmarked and view them later. But if the owner deleted the content you won’t be able to access it.

So now instander apk comes in action. It allows us to download pictures, videos, reels stories and whatnot. Even you can download IGTV Videos. This is such a great feature. Before Instander people used 3rd party apps but these apps are really useless as they pop up ads all the time and consume extra space from memory. So now if you like anything on Instagram just tap the “download” button and boom your favourite video is saved in your gallery.

Ghost Mode:

Instander apk, Instagram mod apk, Yo instagram

This is one of the coolest things about instander. Ghost mode comprises of many useful features in it. Ghost mode of instander app allows you to hide your view status from your follower’s story. In case you are stalking a person and you don’t want to get noticed by the person then ghost mode become so useful. As it keeps your privacy intact. 

Sometimes you are replying to a person but the conversation gets to hot to handle and you don’t know what to reply to. In this case, you type and then press the back button. This seems to be fishy for the next person. But if you are using instander you can chill as the ghost mode allow you to disable typing status. 

Some of us got the nosy friends who want immediate replies. Sometimes you get too busy and in case you ignore their texts they just create a scene out of it. So if you want to be safe from this kind of drama just install the Instander app because ghost mode brings the feature “Don’t mark as read”. This feature will let you ignore all such friends without letting them know that you’re ignoring them.

High Quality Media:

Instander apk, Instagram mod apk, Yo instagram

If you are a content creator or influencer you must be struggling with quality problems whenever you upload a picture, reel or story. Instagram tends to compress the photos by changing the width which destroys the pixels and image quality. However, with instander you can improve the quality of your photos, videos, reels and IGTV Videos. So now you don’t need to worry about content quality as we have got you covered with the HQ Media feature. You need to enable the option “photos in max quality” and now your pictures and videos will remain in great quality.

Ad free Experience:

instander apk

Recently Instagram user experience has become annoying because of the advertisements and sponsored posts. When random videos pop out they drain the battery, as well as data, get wasted. 

 For a person like me who want to personalize their feeds, ads are a big no. Instander app has made it convenient as it offers the user an ads free experience. Now you can customise your feed and only important stuff will be on your feed by disabling ads in the setting.

Analytics and Crash Report:

Instander apk, Instagram mod apk, Yo instagram

Instagram is noticing your every move. It collects all your in-app browsing and keeps the information to improve your user experience. However, if you do not want Instagram to keep the track of your activities you can disable the analytics using this moded version of Instagram aka Instander. 

Also, Instander allows the user to send the crash report to the developer if they face any bug. This helps the developer to improve the software by fixing the bugs.

Disable Video Autoplay:

Instander apk, Instagram mod apk, Yo instagram

Official Instagram autoplay the video once a video is ended another starts playing. This cycle continues and if you have got limited data, this will eat your data crazily. This gets so annoying at times. Instander app lets the user disable autoplay for videos. This saves your data as well as your battery.

I have discussed all those features of instander that make it stand out from official Instagram. Also check out InstaPro also. These unique features outweigh the original Instagram app. Note that this version of Instagram also provides you all the features of Offical Instagram along with these ones. A list of common features is given below:

  1. Making Close friendlist to share your private stories
  2. Hiding the story from certain people in your following list
  3. Disabling the story replies
  4. Save stories to archive
  5. Saving others posts
  6. Sharing other’s content on your stories
  7. Pinning Chats

How to download and install Instander Apk?

Till now I can guarantee that you must have fallen in love with the instander app. So in order to install the instander app follow the steps below. Make sure that your phone has got enough space as well as a good internet connection. 

  1. Firstly you need to decide whether you want to install Clone or uncloned version
  2. Click on the download button of your desired version
  3. Once the download is complete, Visit your privacy setting
  4. Now “allow unknown resources” in your Android phone
  5. Visit file manager and install the app
  6. Now log in and have fun


Instander app is modified version of official instagram that provides some incredible features which make it a better version of instagram.

Yes instander app is completely free to download. Just click the download button and enjoy all the premium features free of cost. You need not to pay a penny to developer.

 As instander apk is a modified version of instagram so you cannot download it from google play. Its not available on it. Visit apkswing to download it to make your social media experience worth it.


We have discussed instander in detail. Its features takes your instagram games to next level. You just need to click the download button to get this app. You will socialize in a way you never did before. Instander app is completely safe. We have tested it on our devices before reviewing it. I am truly satisfied with the features and safety concerns. If you have any queries regarding instander apk, feel free to write in the comment section below.

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