Insta Thunder APK- Download Updated Version 2022

In these times there are so many Instagram available on the internet. Every moded version has its pros and cons. But there is one Insta Mod that has been produced by SamMods is a brilliant ad and most advanced in every way. Let me introduce you to Insta Thunder Apk latest version.

So in case, you have been using Instagram mods like Gb, or yo and want to try something new with better features then you are lucky to be at the right place. Instagram thunder provides great privacy with the facility to download photos, videos and whatnot. In addition, there are amazing customisation options too. 

In this article, we will discuss the latest Insta thunder mod, its features and specs. Also, we will discuss the tricks and shortcuts that will make your Instagram game to another level.

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Download Insta Thunder Updated Version

As you know Instagram does not allow user to save photos and videos on their phone. You can only save them in the app that requires an internet connection for access. If you want to save media directly on your phone then you are at right place. We bring you Insta Thunder’s latest version. Click on the button below to download and install the latest version of the Instagram Mod apk.

Features of Insta Thunder Mod Apk

In case you are new to Insta Pro Apk, let me explain its top features so that you can decide whether this new Instagram is worth it or not. For me, this mod version of Instagram is totally worth it. Let’s dig in to find out more. Check out Insta Pro Apk for another Instagram mod.

Ultra Privacy Feature:

Download Instagram thunder for ultimate privacy that will keep you away from the spotlight. So in case you are texting with your pals, they won’t be able to know that you are typing. They will receive your message directly rather than that “typing” popping up. 

You can also hide the story view so in case you are stalking someone and want to keep it secret then this feature is perfect for you.  Another feature that keeps your privacy intact is hiding the seen status which means even if you have seen the message it will not show the “seen” status. So in case, you are not in mood to reply or you are busy you can read their messages and reply later.

Download Photos and Reels smoothly:

Insta thunder let you download anything posted on that instagram within seconds. Be it a photo, Video, Reel or story. In addition to this, you can save IGTV videos to your mobile phone also which is an incredible addition.  Just tap on the save button and you can view the saved item in your gallery.  Before this people have to install 3rd party apps to download anything from Instagram which puts your Instagram on high-security risk. Insta Thunder’s latest version made it so easy for us to download anything and everything.

Ads Free Experience:

Unlike other Instagram mods, insta thunder brings us ads free experience. Now you can watch videos and reels uninterruptedly without a third party ads blocker, as insta thunder got its own built-in ads blocker.

Download Media in Max Quality:

3rd party apps ruin the quality of photos, videos or reels. But Insta thunder helps the users to download photos and media in high resolution. So now you don’t have to worry about media quality. 

Secure Lock:

If you are someone who locks their Instagram, this feature insta thunder is a bonus for you. Now you do not need to download a 3rd party app to lock instagram. The inbuilt lock allows you to keep your Instagram locked with a pin.

In-App translator:

Another incredible Instagram thunder feature is in-app translator. So if you have followed people from different nations you can translate their captions, comments and messages. English, Ukrainian, Turkish, Hindi, and french are some of the languages you can translate to.

In-App Browser:

If someone sends you a link in dm or comment you do not need to copy it and paste in google in order to open it. Just click on the link and the in-app browser will open it.

Unfollow Tracker:

Another feature that has been added to Insta thunder is an unfollowing tracker that keeps you notified about who has unfollowed you. This is a good feature for all stalkers.

DND Mode:

Sometimes you just want to scroll through your feed without talking to anyone. So here comes the Do Not Disturb mode. In this mode, you can mute all notifications, messages and calls.

Some additional Features:

  • You can Enable or Disable Double-tap to like
  • Users can  Download media on triple tap
  • Tap for a little longer to Zoom picture 
  • Disable swipe to open camera and DM 
  • You can Copy comments 
  • If you like someone’s bio you copy that too

Guide to download and Install Insta Thunder Apk:

So after reading all the incredible features you would definitely want to download Insta Thunder Latest Version. Follow the following steps and enjoy all the perks

  1. Firstly you need to uninstall the Instagram official app
  2. Now click the download button below to download the latest instagram thunder version
InstaPro apk

3. Meanwhile the download has been done, go to setting and enable “Unknown Sources”

By and by peer down to the security settings and thereafter enable the decision called Unknown Resources.

4. Go to your downloads and install Insta Thunder 

5. Open the app and enter login details and have fun.


Insta Thunder is emerging as a new mod apk with so many new features. Just follow the above steps and install this latest Insta thunder apk. In case you face a problem feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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