FMWhatsApp Apk Download(official) Latest Version Anti-Ban 2022

In this era, every popular app has its modified versions that somehow manage to become so popular among the masses. The reason for the popularity of these modified versions is the diverse set of features that the original application lacks.

Whatsapp being one of the most used apps has so many modified versions available on the internet. One of the best and most popular versions of WhatsApp is FMWhatsApp. If you have already been using mods before then I will recommend you to try  FM WhatsApp latest version. As FM WhatsApp apk offers you a better sense of security, and privacy along with other advanced features that we will discuss later in the article. So hang in there to find out why you need FM WhatsApp latest version.

Download FM WhatsApp latest version from and enjoy all its perks. We will review the FM Whatsapp latest version. We will discuss the features along with its pros and cons so that you can decide whether you need to download FM WhatsApp mod or not. Below I have shared the latest version of FM Whatsapp.

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Does Using Mod version of Whatsapp ban the original app?

There is a misconception among people that using a modified version leads to ban of the original Whatsapp app. Just don’t worry about this while downloading WhatsApp from the link of FM WhatsApp download new version from our website. This is because we have shared the anti-ban download link on our page. Consequently, you can download and install the FM WhatsApp without the fear of ban and have fun.

Key Specifications of FM WHATSAPP APK


What is FM Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp is one of the advanced and modified versions of the original WhatsApp that comes with additional features. FM Whatsapp is developed by a renowned developer Fouad Mokdad who came with popular mods such as FMWhatsApp, Foaud WhatsApp and Fouad GBWhatsApp. There are so many mods available on the internet today but we have come up with the one that is top-rated with 1 billion plus users across the globe. So you need to trust us and press the download button and boom.

Why to use FM Whatsapp Apk?

If you are new to mods there might be some confusion in your mind regarding it. As we know that original Whatsapp does not have any bugs then what’s the need to install modified FM Whatsapp? FM WhatsApp provides some cool features that original WhatsApp lacks. One of the key features is customization which allows us to change the interface of the app.

Along with this, there are plenty of options and freedom for users so that they can have the best user experience while using the modified version. Original Apps are always a great options but new generation always wants something more advance along with privacy and security. This apk version allow user to go incognito, also you can see the deleted stories of your friends too.

In the next section, we will discuss the diverse features of FM WhatsApp’s latest version that will help you make a decision about whether it is worth it or not. Another interesting app where you can interact with different people is Discord

Top Features of FMWhatsapp Apk

FMWhatsapp offers a wide range of new features that the original version of WhatsApp lacks. So why to settle for less when you can have more? Although this version of FM WhatsApp provides all the regular functionalities like calling and texting. But it also offers us exclusive features that lead to its popularity among people. Like me, you will also love these features. Here I have listed the top features of FMWhatsapp. Also check out.

Freeze your last seen:

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Sometimes you are not in the mood of talking to people so you have the option to hide your last seen so that other people won’t no that you are doing it intentionally. However original WhatsApp offers us this feature already. So the question arises why have I mentioned it as FMWhatsapp feature? FMWhatsapp has provided us with the novel feature in which we can track our friend’s last seen while they cannot see our last seen.

This feature keeps you more private. In order to enable this mode, Click on the three dots in top right corner of FMWhatsapp. Now tap on “Fouad mods” then go to “Privacy” and click on the “ freeze last seen

Hide View Status:

Another cool feature that keeps your privacy intact is “Hide View Status”. This might sound creepy to some people but this feature lets you see other people’s statuses without letting them know that you have viewed their statuses. Many people in my circle are fond of this feature because sometimes there is a certain situation when you don’t want to be get noticed by others.

fm whatsapp updated 2022, FMWhatsApp, Whatsapp

Show Blue ticks after replying:

This feature mostly attracts people who are usually too busy to reply to the text immediately. There are certain times when it is important to read the message but you can reply to that message at that moment. FMWhatsapp brings us this feature where the sender will not know that receiver has read their message until the receiver replies them. This is because the ticks will only turn blue after the message is been replied to. So you can scroll through your friend’s chat without any worries or pressure of replying immediately.

Message a number without saving it:

This feature lets the user of FMWhatsapp message any contact number without the hassle of saving the number in their contact list. There are situations where you don’t want certain contacts in your contact books. For example, you have to send a one-time text to someone. So it’s quite a job to save a number to text them and delete the contact after sending the message.

FMWhatsapp latest version saves you from this. All you need is to click the three dots in top right corner. Click on the message a number and then enter the number and send the message.

Disable Forwarded Tag On Messages

When you forward a message in the original whatsapp there is a “forwarded” tag on that message which is so irritating. I personally hate this forwarded tag. It somehow questions the originality of your text. FMWhatsapp has this feature that helps you to disable this forwarded tag.

To Enable this feature, go to Fouad mods than to privacy and disable the forwarded message tag.

Call Blocking Feature:

FMWhatsapp has come with another cool feature that the original WhatsApp lacks. There are some people who annoy you by calling again and again. So this feature becomes handy when you aren’t a call person. Original WhatsApp has the feature in which you have option to block the person completely but FMWhatsapp has this unique feature in which you can block their calls but still you can receive your texts.

call block icon, fm whatsapp call blocker

Anti-delete status and message:

Another feature which usually attracts younger people is Anti delete status and messages. As we young people love to spy and track our friend’s activities. Sometimes people post a status or story accidentally and delete it. No one will have access to the deleted status but only FMWhatsapp users will have the upper hand. This feature is not limited to status only but also if someone deletes message after sending it, you can read the deleted message with FMWhatsapp.

Imagine your crush confesses to you their feeling and then delete the message after some time because they are too shy to express it. But boom you have got FMWhatsapp.

fmwahtsapp anti delete message


Download the latest version of FMWhatsapp to enjoy the 100+ different themes, and classy wallpapers and even chose the interface of your choice. I personally am done with that typical white and green interface. Make your texting more fun with the customization feature. Now you can design your most used app according to your taste and you know the best part is all of this is free of cost.

Send High-quality images and videos:

One thing that you might have noticed in the original WhatsApp is that when you send a picture or video it just ruins the quality of image. This problem is solved by FMWhatsapp now you don’t have to worry about the quality as it remains same.

Another feature that FMWhatsapp offer is sending large videos which is lacking in the original WhatsApp. On official WhatsApp, you can only send a 16 Mbs video.

Send large audio files:

Sometimes you want to send a detailed voice note to your work groups or personal groups but WhatsApp does not allow you. However, FMWhatsApp saves you as you can send the audio of 100 Mbs at once which is incredible.

How To Download And Install FMWhatsapp APK Into Your Device?

After reading the incredible features of FMWhatsapp you must want to download it immediately. Read the complete guide carefully to download the correct  and updated version without facing any ban:

  • Firstly, you need to uninstall the official WhatsApp or the previous version of FMWhatsapp.
  • Now click on the link above to download the latest FMWhatspp latest version. Downloading will start.
  • While the apk is getting downloaded you can open android settings  and go to the security setting and allow “unknown resources
  • Now go to the downloads and tap on FMWhatsapp Apk
  • Click on install. Once installation is complete, tap on ok if a pop-up appears
  • Now register your number and start using incredible features

Why is FMWhatsApp Not Installing?

If you are unable to download FMWhatsapp there must be some reasons. There are few common reasons that may result in hindrance. I have discussed them below, try to look into them to find the solution to your problem:

Storage Problem

One reason that won’t let you download the FMwhatsapp apk is less storage in your phone. To solve this problem you can install the apps that you don’t use anymore. You can also delete unimportant pictures, videos or screenshots. Deleting duplicate files also frees up storage.

Poor Internet Connection

You need a stable and fast internet connection to download FMWhatsapp. In case your internet is not working pro[erly try to restart the router fix the problem and start the download again.

Android Version:

Another factor that affects the download is the Android version. If you have the latest android version you will be able to download FMWhatsapp apk easily. But in case of older versions, you may face problems. The requirement for this application is Andriod 4.1 or a newer version

If you had any of these problems and you fixed them then you can now download the latest FMWhatapp from our website and enjoy all the features. 


As FM WhatsApp is moded version so it’s not available on the google play. So if you want to download the correct version without any malware. Download it from

Yes, FMWhatsapp apk is completely safe. We have tested this version of FMwhatspp before releasing it. It is completely safe from malware. But there are some websites that provide fake versions so don’t trust every website.

Yes it’s totally free. Many people get confused that do all these customizable are free to use or we have to pay for it. The good news is you don’t need to spend a penny to use it.

Get the latest FMWhatsapp Apk from our website to enjoy all the great features to the fullest. The options to customize whole interface from wallpapers to fonts are really incredible. Also let us know how is your experience using our version. If you face any proble do let us know in the comment section so that we can keep improving FMWhatsap to meet your needs.

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