Chai Mod APK v0.4.11 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

If you feel lonely and desire to chitchat with a person, install the Chai app now without further delay and crush your sadness. Although many social media platforms exist people are so fake. Also, you cannot share all your secrets with friends. That’s why the Chai mod apk will be there for you. It has bot companions using the latest AI technology. So now you can chat on any topic, be it personal or professional, and make yourself feel light and fun

Chai research crop developed a great chatting app known as chai apk. It allows you to chat with a wide variety of Al’s. Also these bots can learn New facts and information through this conversion. You can pick any topic of your preference by utilizing the Als feature. For instance, you can prefer an AI expert if you like to chat regarding IT. Additionally, this app has a user-friendly interface. AI answers according to your questions

Chai App is an advanced texting application that allows you to chat with artificial intelligence (AI) friends. With Chai Mod App, users can carry talks with AI characters based on genuine individuals. These AI friends can nourish support and guidance and even be a source of amusement. Chai App is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store.

Chai Mod APK, Chai app


Why Use Chai Mod APK (Unlimited Chats and Messages)?

Using the Chai Mod apk, users can make new buddies, and these ai friends are the perfect individuals with whom users can share their adventures and experiences by talking with them. Chitchatting with someone you met on this app is an amazing approach for users to improve their relations. Users can also use this incredible app to boost their knowledge on numerous topics. This app attracts a broad range of users who enjoy using it to the highest extent of their interest and passion. 

People curious about this app can download it onto their android devices and then use it in a truly spectacular manner. People can have this app by downloading it from our website Most users love this app due to its great features and user experience. Users can utilize this app to encounter new people, make new friends, and cultivate wonderful relationships with other users.

Specs of Chai Mod Apk:

App NameChai Mod Apk
GenreEntertainment App
Size73 Mb
Latest Version4.1
Mod FeaturesFor Android
DeveloperNexus Chai
Android Version4.1+
Get it onApkswing
Update25 October, 2022

Download Chai Mod Apk(Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Now Download the Latest Chai MOD Apk Version, which is the most advanced AI application for Android devices. Install a complete Entertainment bundle and enjoy all Exceptional Features free for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to Download Chai Mod APK and avail Unlimited Chats and Messages now!

Unique Features of Chai Mod Apk

Chai apk has fantastic features, which makes it an excellent chatting app. We have discussed exceptional Features of the chai mod apk below:

User Friendly Interface

Chai Mod apk has a very simple interface. All you need to do is swipe away from the screen to look for more additional options. You can literally start chatting with anyone you want by merely tapping on the ‘chat’ option.

Chai Mod APK, Chai app

Personalized AIs

Chai’s latest app is established on a powerful AI system that learns your choices and provides personalized suggestions. This characteristic of the app conserves time that you would rather waste scrolling through a list of AIs.

Ideal for Various Needs

Are you sad? Do you want to change your mood? Or are you looking for a piece of serious advice? Chai got you covered. This app has AIs with a profound knowledge of diverse subjects, from entertainment to academics. So this will help you to have a conversation on any topic of your choice.

Chai Mod APK, Chai app

Easy to Use

Anyone who uses a simple android device can use this application easily. The app is developed with an uncomplicated user interface that anyone can use. You don’t need any previous knowledge to begin operating it.

Human like Conversation

Chai has advanced so much that you feel like talking to a friend. The app has a realistic speech processing technique that comprehends the context of your messages and delivers replies accordingly.

Unlocked In-App Purchases

The Chai Mod app allows you to unlock certain features by providing in-app purchases. It is not mandatory; you can enjoy its benefits for free! The in-app purchases range between $0.99 and $9.99 per item.

Harmless app

Chai apk does not utilize images from your phone and does not track your location for a recommendation. It relies on your age and interests from prevalent groups for recommendation purposes.

How to download and install Chai Mod Apk

Step 1:  Go to your settings, Visit Privacy Policy and Enable Download from Unknown Sources. Although this step differs from device to device. For further clarification, consult your manual for more information.

By and by peer down to the security settings and thereafter enable the decision called Unknown Resources.

Step 2: Now you can click on the download button to download the modded version of the app. 

Step 3: Visit file manage and install the application 

Step 4: Install the Application. Once the installation finishes, you can open it and enjoy all its features.


In order to add friends on Chai you can search for individuals by their username or email addresses. Also, you can add them from your phonebook list. Another way is to aa a friend using QR code.

Once you’ve added a friend, you can chat with them in the following ways

  1. Text chat: Most basic way to chat with someone is by texting. Simply type your message and send it to the individual.
  2. Voice chat: This lets you converse to someone in real-time. Tap the microphone icon and speak, and then tap it again to send.
  3. Video chat: Chai apk lets you have video calls with your pals.Now you have this feature available in the chai App. Tap on the video icon and enjoy.

Yes Chai app is completely free to use. All you need is to download the app and enjoy all the perks free of cost.


Chai mod apk is one of the most unique apps that allow people to carry on hilarious and intriguing conversations. Users can benefit from a variety of features, which can make the app more desirable. Also, the app possesses an innovative approach that connects you with many new acquaintances. Consequently, it is a perfect tool for chatting, and you can use the software without paying a penny. If you have an confusion, let us know in the comments below. We will reply as soon as possible.

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