Angry Birds Match 3 MOD APK v6.7.0

It has been ten years since the first Angry Birds version was released. From a mobile game, hot-tempered birds have become a cultural phenomenon, strongly influencing other areas such as movies, TV, or advertising. Perhaps no one using a smartphone does not know Angry Birds of Rovio Entertainment. It is considered one of the most successful mobile games of all time. A sketch of stylized wingless birds inspires the game. Angry Birds Match 3 MOD APK v6.7.0

Angry Birds Match 3 MOD APK v6.7.0

After a year, the game has sold 12 million copies. Later, Angry Birds spread to other platforms, including Android, Symbian, and Windows. The hot-tempered birds are also extended to PC / Console. The publisher has also produced more than 16 titles related to Angry Birds, such as Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Star Wars, or Angry Birds EPIC. One of the outstanding products is Angry Birds Match 3. If you start to get excited, let me explore it.


Additional Information

Google Play IDcom.rovio.abmatch3
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Size136 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Specifications of Angry Birds Match 3

Specifications of Angry Birds Match 3
  • Publisher: Rovio Entertainment
  • Total size: 120M
  • Latest version: 4.4.0
  • Required Android version: 5.0 and up
  • Suitable age: From 3 years old
  • Interaction: Buy digital

Features of Angry Birds Match 3

Exciting and Challenging Puzzles

One of the reasons why Angry Birds Match three so easily conquered the world is its accessibility level. Developers have made sure that new players do not find it challenging to experience. They also have to make sure the game is suitable for seniors, young people, and children. Age factors and the level of intelligence of the player does not affect the gameplay. It meant that the developers had to make it so that everyone could make it through the levels in Angry Birds Match 3 with a little bit of thought and persistence. This factor helps the game increase relaxation and reduce stress for players every time they pass a level.

Exciting and Challenging Puzzles

However, simplicity is also a double-edged sword. If Angry Birds Match 3 is too easy, people will quickly get bored. To increase addiction, the developers of Angry Birds Match 3 have made the game have difficulty increasing gradually, enough for players to build their tactics and methods to use each note. Thanks to that, the player will frequently be caught up in the feeling that he just struggled to pass a level and wants to continue playing to the next level. Angry Birds Match 3 looks simple on the outside, but each game screen is carefully planned and designed to attract the player as much as possible.

Level Up Easily with Flexible Playtime

Another attraction of Angry Birds Match 3 lies in the game time. Players are entirely free to play for a long or short time as they like. It means gamers can take advantage of a bit of time while in line, during lunch break, or while riding public transport. It is also a strength of mobile games, hitting heavily on customers who do not have much time to play games.

Level Up Easily with Flexible Playtime

From a scientific point of view, the activity of dopamine (the vital hormone in the brain related to happiness, motivation, and memory) in the brain always inspires us to find out what happens when shooting the birds. After that, players receive rewards from the game, though not continuously, but regularly receiving rewards makes gamers happy. It makes the happy hormone more created. Gamers will undoubtedly want to continually stay in Angry Birds Match 3 to satisfy the curiosity of what will happen on the next screen while also have a happy feeling.

Besides, Angry Birds Match 3 also has many other exciting features that you should experience:

  • Collect and nurture adorable puppies. Find a way to unlock a new world so they can explore freely.
  • Win Big Birds from Red, Bomb, and Chuck by pairing four or more items
  • Find new objects to cheer up your birds and decorate the scenery
  • Exciting events on particular themes throughout the year await your participation!
  • Dress up with a visit to the Hatchlings and say hi.
  • Naturally, the cuteness level of this game is sure to melt you away!

Coins are An Essential Factor

You can use coins to own the necessary outfit for your chicken collection “Hatchling.” Furthermore, after you have used your key, you can use coins to open the central chest. After each level is completed, the reward the game has for you will be coined.

Coins are An Essential Factor

Besides level rewards, the game will give you additional rewards based on your existing outfits. Depending on the level of rarity, each outfit will correspond to a certain amount. If you want to see how much coins you get when you are rewarded, you can go to the “Collection” menu and navigate to the costumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Angry Birds Match 3 has three main types of missions that you should pay attention to Treasures, Jungle Trails, and Big Dig. First, I will talk about the Treasure event. When participating in this event, players will have only one life and must complete five levels. If you have not completed the level yet and failed a level, you will have to start over. 

When you want to change the outfit of a chick, please click on the Collection menu. Then, choose “chick” and choose your desired outfit.

In addition to the necessary costumes, Angry Birds Match 3 also gives players exclusive outfits with many stars available. However, they are rare items. The more complicated the costumes, the more stars there will be. They are usually found in high-end and royal chests. You can often open chests to receive.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Angry Birds Match 3 is an exciting game that any player will find interested in. Although it has simple and familiar gameplay, the graphics and regularly updated quests are the plus points of this game. If you are looking for a game for entertainment after hard work, then Angry Birds Match 3 is a great choice. Hopefully, through this article, you can understand more about this game and are ready to accompany the cute birds.

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